Many of my coaching clients reach out because:

…they are unhappy with their job…

…they are not using their full potential…

…they desperately lack meaning in their life..


They tell me:

“I want to have an impact on our society.” “I want to find a fulfilling role where I could get a decent salary.” “I want to clarify what I really love.” “I want to understand my strengths.”

Sounds familiar? Well, like all of us, they are searching for their ikigai.

But what is behind this buzz word?

In the past three years, I have completed five triathlons, and I have realised how this has been a great source of inspiration and balance for my entrepreneurial journey that I have started at the same time.

1. It has helped me push my mental boundaries

Especially when I believed I have reached my physical ones, then I used my mental resilience to support the physical effort. And I tried to transpose this mind mechanisms in my daily work, to ensure when my physical energy is low, I switch my mental energy on to refocus on my professional goals.


As a coach, I believe it is my responsibility to create an environment of trust where coachees feel comfortable being themselves, being open, vulnerable, and taking risks to understand what’s holding them back and creating space for growth.

Setting the stage for trust can sometime be challenging as some individuals may be set in their ways. The following techniques helped me overcome some resistance, establish trust and enable positive changes:

1 — Demonstrate a sincere curiosity and interest

Genuinely ask questions. Curiosity demonstrates that you are interested in the coachee and builds trust in your relationship. Listen and summarize at the end of the conversation so that the coachee feel heard.

2 — Reassure on confidentiality

Confidentiality must be discussed up front, then strictly adhered to. One breach can undo weeks and months of trust-building. …

Geraldine Gauthier

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